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In the dynamic world of Film & TV production, I made my debut and had the privilege of contributing to a diverse range of captivating projects within the thrilling entertainment industry. With a keen eye for detail and my freelance administrative expertise offering an understanding of the industry's unique demands, my first year has seen me collaborate with a range of clients, helping them navigate deadlines, budgets, and logistics. Explore the projects and experiences that have shaped my journey in film and television.

Lost For Words Portfolio
Lost For Words Logo
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"Highly Inflammable" Indie film by Cheryl White, Lost For Words Productions


"This remarkable film marked the birth of Admin To The Arts! As a Production Co-ordinator, I seamlessly navigated between shoots and on-set responsibilities, providing invaluable support to the Assistant Director, Production Manager, and Set Designer. My roles encompassed a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Researching media insurance companies

  • Finding old punk/70's clothing and props in charity shops

  • Assisting the Set Designer to set up and take down

  • Arranging full catering for cast & crew daily, purchasing from local businesses, within budget, even getting my apron out on a few occasions to provide that personal touch and save on costs

  • Transporting propscast & crew

Kate Harbour Profile Picture
Kate Harbour Potolio
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Kate Harbour, Voiceover Actress


After a glowing recommendation, Kate reached out to Admin To The Arts as she prepared to kickstart her first 'Acting For Animation Workshops'. Kate sought our expert support and guidance, along with assistance on a multitude of crucial tasks to ensure a triumphant launch. These tasks included:

  • Setting up events on Eventbrite 

  • Creating a landing page on her own Squarespace website

  • Research, advice & guidance from planning stages through to launch

  • Social media & Canva support

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Curious about hourly or monthly support? Explore like these clients did - Reclaim your time, Enhance your life with our Snail-Powered Packages!

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