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The theatre is where creativity, passion, and precision converge, and I've had the privilege of contributing to this vibrant world as a freelance administrator and lighting / sound board operator. From pre show organisation and occasional backstage chaos to the magic of live performances, I've been a part of numerous theatrical productions, in one way or another, playing a supporting role to many artists, backstage crews, stage managers & directors. Dive into my portfolio to see how my combination of admin & crew skills have added a touch of efficiency to the enchanting world of theatre.

Michael Punter
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Theatre Productions & Play Wright: Michael Punter


After operating lights for one of Michael's captivating plays a few years back, and having previously worked with the very talented Director, Jane Richardson and actress, Rachel McCarron on the indie film 'Highly Inflammable,' the director approached me with an intriguing proposition: developing a compelling social media campaign for their upcoming theatrical masterpiece. Following a visit to a rehearsal and a deep dive into the script, I eagerly shared my creative concepts. Subsequently, I was entrusted with the responsibility of curating an spellbinding campaign. The objective was to generate buzz for the eagerly anticipated shows at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden and The Stables Theatre, Hastings. I devised a cohesive theme and crafted 20 engaging posts to enhance the online presence and promotion of these theatrical endeavours. My tasks encompassed:

  • Creating post ideas for Facebook, using Canva and ClipChamp - video editor (Microsoft) with accompanying text slogans for weekly posts, over a month, leading up to performances

  • Increased social media presence

  • Increased followers and audience reach in Facebook  

Stables Theatre Portfolio
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Theatre and Arts Centre Members of the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain and is run entirely by volunteers


Since my enlightening experience at a Stage Management Workshop in 2015, my passion for theatre has been the driving force behind my dedicated volunteer work at The Stables Theatre. From 2016 onward, I've had the privilege of operating lights and sound for numerous captivating productions. In 2022, eager to contribute more to the vibrant theatre community, I reached out to the Chairman. Drawing on my administrative background and unwavering commitment to the backstage arts, I was entrusted with a pivotal role as a bridge between the technical and backstage departments, serving both in-house and incoming productions. My multifaceted responsibilities in this capacity have included:

  • Working closely with the Chairman and Heads of Technical/Backstage, attending meetings as required

  • Ensure that the in-house & incoming shows/performances have provided the technical data as required in advance using Google drive

  • Arranging volunteer sound and lighting board operators for the shows using Google chat.

Ellen Terry Barn Theatre
Ellen Terry Barn Theatre ART set
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Ellen Terry Barn Theatre Society

It is always a huge honour to be asked to operate lights for productions at the gorgeous and historic Ellen Terry Barn Theatre which is part of the National Trust, SmallHythe Place. 


Lighting Board Operator for: -

Skerryvore - June 2018

Upingham Hall - July 2018

Midsummer Nights Dream - August 2018

ART - May 2023 

Merry Wives of Windsor - August 2023

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