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Creative Business

As an advocate for the creative spirit, I've had the pleasure of working closely with a variety of creative businesses, helping them thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace. Whether it's helping with their day-to-day, streamlining workflows, or offering advice and guidance, I've been a dedicated partner on their journey.

Explore my portfolio to see how I've supported some of the creative businesses I have worked with to move forward and get things done! 

Nicky Percival
Nickey Percival Interior Designer Logo
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Interior Designer


Working with the super talented Nicky, I've provided flexible, ad-hoc support by addressing select items from her to-do list, aligning seamlessly with scheduling and creative requirements. My versatile assistance has covered a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Talking through and posting a reel on social media

  • Updating profiles / e-mail signatures

  • Creating a contact spreadsheet which is user friendly, easy to filter and records information on suppliers, services & trades in one central place.

Brass Bee Marketing
Brass Bee Marketing Logo
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Catherine Hills, Brass Bee Marketing


thrive on diving into the essential nitty-gritty admin tasks that every company encounters, and working alongside Catherine satisfies my monthly admin fix! Whether I'm stationed in the office or working remotely, I eagerly await the array of tasks that may come my way. It could be a voicemail list one day or an email request the next; I adapt to whatever mode best supports my client's needs. By day's end, I ensure that everything is signed, sealed, and delivered back to Catherine, allowing her to focus on her creative marketing endeavors.

My diverse range of tasks include:

  • Eventbrite work

  • Ordering & sourcing costs

  • Social Media posts & scheduling 

  • Correspondence 

  • Calendar reminders

snail icon with to-do list document & pen representing administrative essentials

Beshlie-Ann Carver-Carpenter, Glittery Rainbow Cat Face Painting


Beshlie-Ann sought a more efficient and user-friendly booking experience for both her clientele and herself. I enthusiastically delved into enhancing administrative processes, culminating in a bespoke booking system. This custom solution empowers clients to seamlessly fill out booking forms directly on her website, triggering automated email notifications upon completion. Moreover, I implemented a streamlined workflow for disseminating order forms, invoices, and receipts at every stage of the booking process.

My multifaceted contributions encompassed:

  • Overhauling Beshlie-Ann's Wix website for enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Implementing intuitive booking forms accessible via Google and her website.

  • Establishing automated email functionalities and crafting corresponding templates for efficient communication.

  • Orchestrating social media campaigns, including content creation and scheduling, to herald the launch of the revamped website and booking process.

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